Sand Viper Testimonials

“I have been impressed with the Sand Viper product since installation occurred in November 2014. To date, 162 loads have been used with all different types of sand propellants being moved. There has been no issues with the product. The last time it was pulled apart was about 9 months in and there was no wear on any of the parts that was noted”
-Larry Ellington, Director of Maintenance, 1845 Oil Field Services


“The Sand Viper product is something that I would suggest to others in the industry. This product is going to become part of the new and cost efficient product line. This is the future of Sand Hauling. The drivers love the product because it is easy to just unbolt and turn the adapters and rebolt it up. We have run 100 mesh, 30/50, and 40/70 and have had no issues with the product after running it for one year and 6 months. “
-Margarito Perez, Operations Manager, Double M Trucking

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