Sand Viper Modular Drop Tee

Are you tired of the cost of replacing your Drop Tee too frequently?

Initial Field tests on The Urethane Lined Sand ViperTM Hopper Tee showed virtually “No Wear”, even after six months and counting of using the most abrasive sand applications.

This design uses Bailey-Parks Urethane’s exclusive high wear resistant polyurethane.

  • Utilizing the urethane wear adapters on the Sand ViperTM Modular Drop Tee:
  • Allows the abrasion to take place in the removable adapters only, thereby eliminating the need of ever having to replace the Drop Tee itself.
  • Allows for rotating the adapters for a much longer wear life.
  • Allows for a variation of connecters – Male Threads, Female Threads or Victaulic connections.

svmdt unit

Now with user-friendly door!

svmdt opendoor

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