Sand Viper

The Bailey-Parks Sand Viper™ piping components is a long-lasting polyurethane piping system originally designed to replace the aluminum pipes on trailers that transport fracking sand.

Incredibly wear-resistant, urethane lasts significantly longer than aluminum or steel in harsh conditions like those encountered in the oil, gas, and mining industries. The Sand Viper is made of a specialized composite urethane that has enhanced self-healing features so that it is optimized to resist intense abrasion such as that caused by frac-sand.

The Sand Viper components can be adapted for a wide variety of applications involving the transport of caustic materials, such as those administered by the waste management, Coke, Tyconite, Slurry (wet & dry), and nearly all abrasive industries including the growing Frac Sand industry. The Sand Viper components is highly customizable which can be used to build a complete piping system to fit nearly any specifications.

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