Bailey-Parks Urethane Halves Hydrocyclone Production Timeline

Posted: Wed, Nov 27th 2013

Bailey-Parks Urethane has purchased a specialized polyurethane processing machine dedicated to the production of hydrocyclones for the oil and gas industry. The new equipment doubles Bailey-Parks’s hydrocyclone production capacity and reduces the company’s turnaround time for these custom-molded parts by 50 percent.

The tailor-made Max Processing Equipment machine acquired by Bailey-Parks is outfitted with precision flow meters and computerized consistency controls. It can be set to manufacture hydrocyclones in multiple colors and hardnesses, selecting from a wide array of urethane compounds. This is the eighth Max Processing Equipment machine in the Bailey-Parks production line.


“With our renewed focus on the oil and gas industry and the increase in demand for urethane hydrocyclones, the acquisition of a dedicated processing machine was inevitable,” says Brian Tutor, plant manager at Bailey-Parks. “Having a machine that is this sophisticated and tailored to the manufacture of hydrocyclones enables us to accommodate a wider range of specifications and to produce greater quantities in much shorter timeframes while maintaining — and, in some cases, even improving on — our existing quality.”


Visit our hydrocyclones page to learn more about the Bailey-Parks’s hydrocyclone manufacturing capabilities.

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