Impact Pads

Impact Pads


Impact pads are used in bulk materials handling applications, where they are placed at the conveyor belt discharge area to slow the offload of rock, gravel, sand, stone, soybean, corn, wheat and coal. As conveying equipment is traditionally made of metal, urethane impact pads help reduce noise and prevent damage to equipment at discharge areas.

Bailey-Parks impact pads are engineered to two principle designs:

Corrugated/Sawtooth Impact Pads

Corrugated impact pads have been the industry standard for the past 20 years, work with all conveyor types, and can be found in the most demanding materials handling applications around the country. Available in 3 x 4" sheets with thicknesses between 3/8 and 1 inch.

Dimpled Impact Pads

Our molded, dimpled pad design presents material with minor obstacles, encouraging self-impact and slowing its progress. Using self-impact in this way also helps protect equipment and reduce wear. Available in 18 x 18" sheets with thicknesses between 1/4 and 2 inches.

In addition to the standard impact pad sizes, Bailey-Parks can fabricated custom-sized pads, subject to additional tooling fees.

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