Conveyor Belt Wipers

Conveyor Belt Wipers

1. Diamondback® GP Belt Wiper General Purpose (GP) Conveyor belt wipers consist of Bailey-Parks standard Diamondback materials used in applications where FDA DRY products are required. The Diamondback GP belt wipers help clean away moist debris such as rock, gravel, sand, stone, and other substances processed on bulk material handling conveyors that can create a sticky build up. Bolted to the conveyor and easy to install on major brands, urethane belt wipers last far longer than metal, plastic, steel, or UHMW wiper alternatives. Typical belt wipers are an 85A, however, they can be produced in hardness from 65A-92A durometer, which ensures cut resistance and resiliency. Available sizes: widths from 6”- 12” and lengths up to 50’ Thickness: 1/2” - 1”

2. The Diamondback® USDA Wet Wipers, available in natural, used in applications with wet foods such as poultry and is still tops where wear resistance is concerned.

3. The Diamondback® Dual Duro Wipers cleans and squeegees. Works well on V Plows also.

4. The Diamondback® Hi-Temp Wipers, fluorescent green, easily identifiable and thrives where higher temperatures are encountered.

5. The Diamondback® Tri-Layer Wipers utilizes the hard outer layer to clean away tough debris from your conveyors. The softer center layer squeegees the remaining moisture for a more thorough belt cleaning. The last hard layer offers a solid foundation which helps to eliminate vibration and drag. It can also be rotated for a longer life.

6. The Diamondback® Bead Blade w/ceramic beads can handle even frozen debris that can be a problem in tougher applications.

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