For your convenience, we’ve assembled PDFs of brochures that outline our different polyurethane products and focus industries, including installation guides. Just click on the links below to gain access to the respective PDFs.

All of the product brochures are also available on the corresponding product pages on our website.

Polyurethane Brochures

Polyurethane Products

Our polyurethane products are widely used in construction, facility maintenance, food processing and mining, among other industries. Urethane’s wear resistance and receptiveness to molding make it well-suited for a wide variety of applications.

Click on the links below to download PDFs of brochures for each of our quality urethane products.


Industries Benefiting from Polyurethane

Two of the main industries we focus on are the aggregate industry, which includes everything from grain to gravel, and the oil and gas industry. Download the PDFs below to explore the ways businesses in these fields can benefit from urethane products.

Polyurethane Product Application Guides

Our trademarked Diamonback® products require some specific installation instructions which can vary slightly depending on the application. The PDFs below will tell you everything you need to know about where to use Diamonback® sheeting and how to make use of durable Diamonback® Wedgie Bolt fasteners.

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