Wedgie Bolt™ Installation Instructions

These instructions are furnished to help insure that our Wedgie Bolt™ Urethane Fastening System provides you with the most satisfactory installation possible.

It is imperative that you use the Wedgie Bolt™ Urethane Fastening System, our special countersinking tool, and these instructions in order to achieve the best results.


Bailey-Parks recommends the use of the special countersink tool for making the proper sized tapered hole in the urethane sheet. When used in conjunction with our specially headed bolts you should achieve the desired wear characteristics and a very tight seal which is afforded by the mating wedge action of the bolt and hole.

It is also imperative that the hole be drilled to the proper depth. Head height Xp should be equal to Xs. Xs should never be greater than Xp because this could cause a pocket which could promote the wear down to the same level as the adjacent sheet. wedgiebolt3

A drill motor with a depth gage is highly recommended to help insure that the proper depth is maintained. It should run at 500-1000 RPM to provide a clean cut hole without generating too much heat. Lubricant that is generally used in drilling and tapping steel can be used for countersinking urethane sheets. This is especially important if you plan on achieving a smooth taper for water tight applications.

Due to production tolerances, the countersunk depth should be checked on each sheet being installed.

We do not feel that it is necessary to use any adhesive or sealer on the wedge sealed bolts. However, if you feel that it is necessary to seal the bolts, we recommend the use of any good commercial grade “RTV” type silicon sealer. Only use a small amount around the beveled edge of the urethane head since too much under the head could possibly cause the bolt not to seat properly.




The bits listed in the chart can be sharpened per the following instruction: wedgiebolt4

  1. Remove the 1/4" Pilot Drill by loosening the set screw in the bit.
  2. Select a 6" slim taper file.
  3. Place the file on the bit and file firmly and slowly toward the shank of the bit.
  4. DO NOT file the bottom or the sides of the bit.
  5. Bailey-Parks will sharpen these bits for a nominal fee. Please contact our Customer Service Department for details.

CAUTION: Excessive heat can be generated by improper machining practices. If smoke is generated by machining, the method must be immediately corrected. DO NOT inhale the smoke or grinding dust from urethane or any elastomer.

Whenever working with urethane in a situation where drilling can produce excessive heat, such as drilling with a dull bit or at too high an RPM, always correct the problem since this will slow down the overall job.

When grinding or sanding urethane and generating dust, a dust collector should be utilized. If this is not possible, the operator should wear an approved dust mask and be sure that a good face seal is achieved.

Always refer to the applicable MSD Sheet for additional information.

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