Industrial Rollers and Wheels

Industrial Rollers and Wheels

Bailey-Parks' urethane recovering services for industrial rollers and wheels includes a broad selection of urethane material that meets or exceeds OEM specifications. A urethane-recovered wheel is frequently more durable than many OEM materials such as rubber and plastic, for instance. We can produced recovered urethane-wrapped wheels with a hardness range from 5A to 75D durometer.

Urethane Recovering Services include:

  • Band saw drive wheels
  • Car wash wheels
  • Casters
  • Clothes dryer wheels
  • Coater rollers
  • Cutter and sander rollers
  • Feed rollers
  • Hold down wheels
  • Pallet jack wheels
  • Shingle machine press rollers
  • Small wheels for manufactured equipment
  • Tension rollers
  • Wastewater treatment plant rollers and wheels

We support many manufacturers directly with custom orders. Contact Bailey-Parks today to learn more about our vendor services. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you find the right urethane solution to fit your requirements.

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