Sand & Gravel

Sand & Gravel

Bailey Parks Urethane offers a variety of solutions for your Sand & Gravel needs. For more information select an option from the menu to the right, for a quick overview, continue reading below:

Classifier Shoes

Classifier Shoes

Diamondback® urethane classifier shoes (also called flight shoes, fan screw shoes and de-watering screws) protect metal surfaces and control many of the wear problems common to bulk aggregate handlers that turn and wash moving stone. Urethane classifier shoes offer many advantages over rubber, plastic and Ni-hard shoe alternatives, including:

Impact Pads


Impact pads are used in bulk materials handling applications, where they are placed at the conveyor belt discharge area to slow the offload of rock, gravel, sand, stone, soybean, corn, wheat and coal. As conveying equipment is traditionally made of metal, urethane impact pads help reduce noise and prevent damage to equipment at discharge areas.

Polyurethane Sheeting Solutions


Due to their excellent abrasion resistance, noise and vibration abatement, product cushioning and insulation, polyurethane sheets are commonly used as liners in a variety of industries including those that use conveyor applications to handle grain, sand, gravel, crushed stone, coal, metal, salt and similar bulk materials.

  • Diamondback® Polyurethane Liner Sheets
  • Diamondback® Ceramic Chip Liners
  • Diamondback® Cotton Fabric–Backed Industrial Liners
  • Diamondback® Expanded Metal Backed Industrial Liners
  • Diamondback® Perfoback™ Industrial Liners

Diamondback® Spray Deflectors

bp deflector2

Installing Diamondback® Spray Deflectors on spray bars improve screen efficiency and material-washing performance. Bailey-Parks Urethane wear parts are formulated for high abrasion applications. Diamondback® deflectors will outlast plastic or brass nozzles and are available to fit 1½ - and 2-inch spray bars. The u-bolt provides easy installation on pipes. Diamondback® spray deflectors will exceed your expectations at an economical cost.

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