Custom urethane roller and wheel recovery is a process that covers worn rollers or wheels with custom-fitted urethane. This retrofitting costs significantly less than total wheel or roller replacement and recovered parts typically outlast replacements made from original materials.

Bailey-Parks specializes in custom urethane recovering solutions for industrial rollers and urethane wheels of almost any size and kind. From the smallest urethane wheels to industrial rollers up to 300 inches long, our in-house urethane recovering department can prep supplied cores and even repair damaged cores for extended life and durability. 

Wheel and Roller Recovery Solutions

  • Conveyor roller recovery
  • Industrial rollers and wheels
  • Urethane cast rod and tubing

Contact Bailey-Parks today to discuss your roller and wheel recovery needs. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you find the right urethane solution to fit your needs.

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