Due to their excellent abrasion resistance, noise and vibration abatement, product cushioning and insulation, polyurethane sheets are commonly used as liners in a variety of industries including those that use conveyor applications to handle grain, sand, gravel, crushed stone, coal, metal, salt and similar bulk materials.

  • Diamondback® Polyurethane Liner Sheets - Non-reinforced urethane sheets have no backing. They are the most lightweight and flexible of all Diamondback® polyurethane sheet types and can be hand-formed. Non-reinforced sheets are available in 1-foot increments between 1 x 1 foot and 10 x 50 feet. Thickness can range from 1/8 to 1 inch. Additional thicknesses may also be available.
  • Diamondback® Ceramic Chip Liners – While standard Diamondback® polyurethane sheets provide outstanding resistance to abrasion in the majority of wear applications, Bailey-Parks produces a stronger, ceramic chip–lined polyurethane material that is even more effective in applications that transport small, sharp particles or very high volumes of abrasive material. Grain elevators using Diamondback® Ceramic Chip liners have reported wear advantages of as much as 2:1 over standard Diamondback® material. 
    Our Diamondback® Ceramic Chip material features a higher ceramic-to-urethane ratio per sheet than competitive products. Regardless of the urethane sheet thickness, we impregnate approximately the top 38 percent with ceramic to produce a smooth, hard surface. The ceramic we use is 85 percent alumina with a hardness of nine on the Mohs scale. The urethane it is paired with is 85A durometer. 
    Contact Bailey-Parks today to find out more about Diamondback® Ceramic Chip. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you find the right urethane solution to fit your needs.
  • Diamondback® Cotton Fabric–Backed Industrial Liners - Is lightweight, flexible and can be glued to other substrates with commercial adhesives. Sheets are available in the following sizes:
    • 2 x 4 feet , 4 x 4 feet, 4 x 8 feet, 4 x 10 feet, 4 x 25 feet, 4 x 50 feet and thicknesses can range from 3/16 to 1 inch.
    • Please contact our sales team for information on thicker gauges, wider and longer custom rolls.
  • Diamondback® Expanded Metal Backed Industrial Liners - Expanded Metal-Backed urethane sheets are backed with 16-gauge steel that makes them more rigid and flat. The metal backing also provides a structurally sound "stopping point" for bolt heads. Expanded Metal-Backed Diamondback® sheets are available in 1-foot increments between 1 x 1 foot and 4 x 10 feet sheets are standard. Thickness can range from 3/16 to 1 inch.
  • Diamondback® Perfoback™ Industrial Liners - Perfoback™ urethane sheets are backed with perforated metal. The small openings accommodate self-tapping metal screws. Available as 4 x 10-foot polyurethane liner sheet.

Contact Bailey-Parks today to discuss your operating environment and specific application requirements. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you find the right urethane solution to fit your needs.

Diamondback® Conveyor belt wipers are used to clear away moist debris that can create a sticky build-up on bulk materials handling conveyors. Materials handled include: Gravel, Sand and Stone. Bolted to the conveyor and easy to install, urethane belt wipers last far longer than metal, plastic or UHMW wiper alternatives. Typical belt wipers are 85A durometer, making them cut resistance and resilient. For heavy-duty applications, ceramic-beaded edges are available on wipers up to 60 inches long.

Urethane wipers are also less likely to cause damage than metal, plastic or UHMW blades, which contributes to the longevity of conveyor systems that utilize them. Urethane conveyor belt wipers are available in lengths up to 50 feet, widths from 6 to 12 inches, and thickness from 1/2 to 3/4 inches.

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