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Diamondback Urethane Liner

Diamondback® polyurethane sheets are among the most versatile of all lining materials. Our Diamondback® liners provide outstanding resistance to abrasion and wear problems. Our General Purpose Diamondback® sheets also meet FDA standards for dry food handling.

A. Expanded Metal-Backed

Expanded Metal-Backed sheets are available with 16-gauge steel as shown; which makes them more rigid and flat. The metal backing also provides a structurally sound "stopping point" for bolt heads.

B. Cotton Fabric–Backed

Cotton Fabric–Backed Diamondback® is lightweight, flexible and can be adhered to other substrates with commercial adhesives. Thicknesses can range from 3/16 to 1 inch.

D. Diamondback® Ceramic Chip

Our Diamondback® Ceramic Chip Urethane sheets are even more effective in applications that transport sharp particles or very high volumes of abrasive material. Bailey-Parks Ceramic Chip material features a higher ceramic-to-urethane ratio per sheet than competitive products.

C., E., and F. No matter the color, Diamondback® liners offer the same resilience and wear qualities.


Blue is the standard color and stock item of Bailey-Parks Urethane.

H. Diamondback® Fastening Solutions Wedgie Bolt™

Wedgie Bolts™ are the longest-wearing fastening solution for urethane. Made of Diamondback® material, they offer superior leakage resistance up to 1200 PSI. Wedgie Bolts™ can be used with sheets from 1/4 to 1 inch thick.

Diamondback Urethane Liner Types 2


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