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The mission of Bailey-Parks Urethane, Incorporated, is to serve the interests of our customers through the manufacturing and sale of exceptional products through a process of continuous self-improvement in areas of product quality, service and pricing that offers maximum value.

Unlike many companies, if Bailey-Parks determines that a customer's needs would be best served by a material that is not urethane, the company will go out of its way to connect its client with a company that offers a better solution.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing a safe and stable work environment for the employees of Bailey-Parks, and to provide jobs that provide opportunities for personal betterment.

Bailey-Parks is committed to active and ongoing involvement in, and service to, our community, our city and beyond. We further pledge to make every effort to conduct all of our affairs in the most honest, ethical and moral manner possible as we seek to serve, honor and glorify the Lord of our lives, Jesus Christ.



Founded by the family patriarch Thomas Joe Bailey and located just a few blocks from the mighty Mississippi River, Bailey-Parks Urethane, Inc. has been a privately owned family business since 1969. We incorporated in 1970 and began manufacturing press-on tires for the Fairmont Railway Motor Company in Memphis. Failing rubber tires made their railroad service equipment operable for only a few hours each day. Bailey-Parks' urethane tires granted them with unlimited operating time.


Soon after, Bailey-Parks began recovering industrial rollers and industrial wheels used in the manufacturing of housing products such as panelling, plywood, composite roofing and pre-finished molding. An in-house stripping and grinding setup was added to the Bailey-Parks operation, as well as a machine shop.

Eventually, the machine shop led to a metal fabricating department, which led to building custom equipment. Bailey-Parks then expanded into a full line of forklift wheels, press-on tires and glue and glycerin rollers.

Committed to continued growth, Bailey-Parks began making custom urethane parts for automotive industry assembly plants. From there, the company diversified into serving the grain, food processing and mining industries.

Today, Bailey-Parks makes urethane products that are used in hundreds of manufacturing processes around the world. And, with very few exceptions, we still make all of our molds, tooling and custom machines in house at our plant in Memphis.

Bailey-Parks Urethane | 184 Gilbert Avenue Memphis, TN 38106 | CONTACT US 866-906-7779
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