Bailey-Parks' hydrocyclones can be custom molded from a variety of polyurethanes to meet OEM specifications.

Our rugged urethane hydrocyclones are used primarily in oil and gas drilling applications to separate sand and grit from costly drilling mud so that it can be reused. The four standard sizes we offer fit most drilling systems worldwide. 


Our hydrocyclones are also used in mining applications to remove particulate from coal, cement, gravel and various bulk aggregate materials. We have also adapted them for the mining industry to recover gold, silver, copper and other precious metals from tailing ponds.

In general, hydrocyclone separators are excellent tools for separating solid materials from liquids. For instance, pulp and paper mills, which require a significant volume of water to operate, use hydrocyclones to pre-treat water drawn from nearby rivers by separating the liquid from sand and debris. And metalworking applications use hydrocyclone separators to remove particles from coolant.


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