Diamondback Sheets/Liners

Diamondback® Sheets

Diamondback® polyurethane liners and sheets are among the most versatile of all lining materials. A trademarked product manufactured only by Bailey-Parks, these polyurethane liners are available in a variety of standard sizes and hardnesses, providing outstanding resistance to impingement and frictional abrasion. Diamondback® urethane sheets meet FDA standards for dry food handling and cushion grain, feed and other materials from breakage. 

Each and every Diamondback® polyurethane sheet is produced using computerized casting and monitoring equipment. In addition to standard verification processes, Bailey-Parks checks every lot both during the pour and after the final cure to ensure ultimate tensile strength, percent elongation break at 100 and 300 percent modulus and durometer rating.

Diamondback® Liner Varieties

Non-Reinforced Industrial Liners

Non-reinforced urethane sheets have no backing. They are the most lightweight and flexible of all Diamondback® polyurethane sheet types and can be hand-formed.

Non-reinforced sheets are available in 1-foot increments between between 1 x 1 foot and 10 x 50 feet. Thickness can range from 1/8 to 1 inch.

Cotton Fabric–Backed Industrial Liners

Cotton Fabric–Backed Diamondback® is lightweight, flexible and can be glued to other substrates with commercial adhesives.

Urethane sheets are available in the following sizes:

2 x 4 feet 4 x 4 feet
4 x 8 feet 4 x 10 feet
4 x 25 feet 4 x 50 feet
Thicknesses can range from 3/16 to 1 inch.

Expanded Metal Backed Industrial Liners

Expanded Metal-Backed urethane sheets are backed with 16-gauge steel that makes them more rigid and flat. The metal backing also provides a structurally sound "stopping point" for bolt heads.

Expanded Metal-Backed Diamondback® sheets are available in 1-foot increments between 1 x 1 foot and 4 x 10 feet. Thickness can range from 1/8 to 1 inch.


Diamondback® Fastening Solutions

Wedgie Bolt

Wedgie Bolts are the longest-wearing fastening solution for urethane. Made of Diamondback® material, they offer superior leakage resistance up to 1200 PSI and can outwear heat-treated alloy steel by a 6:1 margin. Wedgie bolts can be used with sheets that are between 1/4 and 1 inch thick.

Weldable Diamondback®

Metal plates welded to the back of these urethane sheets allow them to be welded onto metal surfaces.

Molded-in Bolts

Bolts can be molded into your material per your custom specifications.

Speciality Adhesives

Used for gluing Non-Reinforced and Cotton Fabric–Backed Diamondback®.

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