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Diamondback® GP Belt Wiper General Purpose (GP) - Conveyor belt wipers consists of Bailey-Parks standard Diamondback materials used in applications where FDA DRY products are required. The Diamondback GP belt wipers help clean away moist debris such as rock, gravel, sand, stone, and other substances processed on bulk material handling conveyors that can create a sticky build up. Bolted to the conveyor and easy to install on major brands, urethane belt wipers last far longer than metal, plastic, steel, or UHMW wiper alternatives. Typical belt wipers are an 85A, however, they can be produced in hardness from 65A-92A durometer, which ensures cut resistance and resiliency.
Available sizes: widths from 6"- 12" and lengths up to 50' Thickness: 1/2" - 1"


belt wiper wet flipThe USDA Wet Diamondback® - Wiper These belt scrapers consist of USDA approved materials which can be used in a variety of process facilities handling seafood, dairy, meat and poultry, etc. This wiper blade also cleans away debris left behind in wet food processing applications. Bolted to the conveyor and easy to install on major brands, similar to FDA DRY belt scrapers, the USDA WET belt wipers last longer than metal, rubber, or UHMW wipers.
The USDA WET belt wipers are processed with materials which are safe for DRY and WET FOOD applications.


belt wiper triThe Tri-Layer Diamondback® - Wiper Having a DIAMONDBACK TRI-LAYER BELT WIPER on your system allows for the removal of hard and solid debris. The soft durometer in the center provides the wiping effect necessary to clean non-solids and moist products. The last layer, which is the same in rigidity as the first layer, allows the blade to maintain its form without bending. This reduces the vibratory drag and belt chatter of the soft middle layer. As a bonus, the wiper can be rotated to get double the life.


belt wiper dual flipThe Dual Diamondback® Belt Wiper - These blades work well in a variety of applications including where “V” Plows are used. Our (90A) durometer layer cleans the conveyor of heavier debris and also functions as a squeegee by utilizing the softer layer (70A) to remove the remaining water and fine particles for an over all better belt cleaning.


belt wiper beadThe Diamondback® Bead Blade - For heavy duty applications, ceramic bead impregnated edges are available in wipers as well. This is one of the toughest wipers currently available on the market. Bailey-Parks ceramic beads are embedded into the polyurethane evenly, one to two inches up from the edge of the blade. Making it easy to remove the toughest products, even in frozen environments.


belt wiper hitemp flipThe Diamondback® Hi-Temp Wiper - For the best heat resistant Hi-Temp Urethane wipers, call Bailey-Parks Urethane, Inc. Processed with bright fluorescent green, our belt cleaners are easy to identify, but hard to match in quality and dependability. These wipers are great where higher temperatures are encountered.

belt skirtingThe Beveled Diamondback® GP Skirt – Is long lasting, practical and RATTLESNAKE tough for most applications. Processed with Bailey-Parks top quality material, the beveled Diamondback skirt decreases wear on your belt while simultaneously protecting the conveyor.

Bailey-Parks beveled skirt outlasts other products such as steel, UHMW and rubber by a minimum of 2-1. These skirts can be produced up to 50’ long continuously. Employing beveled edges from 45° down to 20° allows you to choose the skirt that lays flatter and provides the best seal, which keeps the product contained along the belt. See chart below for reference point and angles.

belt skirting bevel belt skirting chart
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